What to Buy (and save on) in September

Summer is coming to an end, but that just means the deals are heating up! September is one of the best months to snag deals. As manufacturers of all kinds ramp up with next year’s models, it’s a great time for you to save and get the best deals of the year.

Computers: Most new computers come out in June, which means that last year’s models are hitting the sale shelf. Not to mention, back-to-school deals are still on the shelves, including computers.Toshiba’s deals are just a click away!

MP3 Players: Since Apple releases its newest version of the iPod each fall, other companies have fallen in line and are doing the same. The good news? They’ll be trying to clear out their shelves this month, giving you a great deal.

Outdoor Sports: While the weather is cooling off, outdoor sports manufacturers typically announce their new models for the next year in September. That means a great deal for you as they begin to plan for the Spring early, and you can snap up a bargain and still have some time to ride before the real cold sets in. Check out the deals at Delicious Skateboards and the Tennis Shop of Montecito.

Cars: Though it’s barely half-way through the year, car manufacturers have been busy this summer rolling out the next year’s model. In order to fill those lots with the latest and greatest, they have to make room by clearing out last year’s hot rides. Now’s a great time to get a deal on a new car that’s still this year’s model.

Outdoor Gear: From grills to lawnmowers, outdoor furniture and all the accessories that go with it, stores are quick to get rid of the surplus now. As they make room for all the Christmas items already filling their stockroom, you can make room for a new outdoor set up. Stop by Best Buds Garden Supply for fall deals.

Airfare: The longer you plan ahead, the better deal you will always get on airfare. But, as the summer season ends, deals start popping up for the fall. Book your holiday travel now and save big. Stop by Cheap-O-Air for the best deals today.

Don’t miss out on this year’s bargains while they’re hot. Shop early for the holidays and surprise everyone on your list with the things they want the most.

Posted: Wednesday, September 04, 2013