Spook-ify Your House for Halloween

It’s been a while since my last Halloween party. That’s sad, considering my love of this holiday. This year I began to see décor items in August. Even my local grocery store stepped up its game this year. They had fleece spiderweb pillows, mason jar glasses with handles and a variety of spooky themes, and so much printed disposable tableware that I had to really restrain myself. Good thing my husband was there because I would have bought Every. Last. Thing.

Planning a party is hard. For some tips, feel free to read my other blog about Halloween from last year. One thing that I really didn’t talk about last year is décor. I touched on it, but didn’t really give you a whole lot of concrete items that can easily make your house look spooky. If you’re having guests over, you’ve really gotta start with your driveway or front porch. It’s easy to create spooky ghosts to hang from trees. You need a couple balloons and a couple white sheets or cheesecloth. You’ll also need some fishing line or twine to hang your ghosties. First, blow up your balloons. Now, you could use helium and mylar balloons if you want, and if you do, the ghosts will float all on their own. Once you’ve got your balloons all inflated, you need to drape your fabric over them. Leaving the balloon knot up is the easiest way to get the ghost to hang. Once you cut a little slit in your fabric and pull the knot through, it’s the work of a moment to tie your string around that knot. All that’s left is to stick eyes on, if you opt to do so, and hang the ghosts from your trees! My neighbor hangs a couple ghosts every year, and they look creepy and fun in the dark when automobile headlights catch them!

Time to move inside! If you’ve got window treatments, now’s the time to replace them with creepy cloth. Yep. Drape some of that stuff over your valances. All of a sudden your house will look much more eerie. You can also use cheesecloth as curtains, and for extra creep factor, use red food coloring or paint to drip patterns on the cheesecloth. If you do opt to go for the food coloring, you’ll be able to wash your cheesecloth and use it in the kitchen later.

Another neat thing you can do is to use a permanent marker to doodle on some of your family photos. I’ve personally found that this works better on black and white photos than on color, but you could always use colored markers on color photos. Wait! Don’t doodle directly on the photos themselves! Unless you want whatever you draw on there to actually be permanent, draw on the glass under which the picture rests. Then, when you want to, you can just use some window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean off your masterpiece. I’ve done this a few times, and my favorite is the baby picture of my dad. It’s so cute. Here’s this chortling, chubby baby in a high chair with devil horns on his head and a pitchfork in his hand. I actually keep it that way all the time. Don’t worry. Dad thinks it’s funny.

The coolest thing about Halloween is how accepted it’s become. People used to think you were super morbid if you liked Halloween and all its accoutrements. Now, due to holiday creep, it’s not even weird to start putting up your Halloween stuff prior to October and leaving it up until Thanksgiving.

Be safe out there folks! Happy trick-or-treating!

Posted: Monday, October 31, 2016