The Best Dressed Trick or Treaters (and Pets)

I used to leave my lights on for Trick or Treaters before I moved here. In the last five years, I think we’ve had a total of 10 kids come to our house. It isn’t for lack of trying. I put up a little graveyard in our front yard, and decorate my trees with that fake cobweb stuff. Alas, our neighborhood remains an untapped resource. Our candy goes uneaten…okay who am I kidding? It sits around waiting until about 9PM, and then the vultures descend. And by ‘the vultures’, I mean me. I’m pretty sure that’s also how it goes in houses with kids.

Most often where I grew up as a child, our Trick or Treat night was not actually on October 31st. When I told my husband that, he was shocked. Apparently, in other more organized parts of the world, Trick or Treat night is actually on Halloween. This year, the last day of October falls on a Saturday. Make sure you check with your town so you don’t get dressed up a day early or a day late!

While you sure shouldn’t feed your canine companions candy, there’s no reason that your precious pooch can’t be part of your costume! You could be a police officer and your dog could be your K9 partner! Although, I really think that any costume on a dog is hilarious and adorable. You simply can’t go wrong. Animals in clothes are just the cutest thing ever. If your pet hasn’t worn clothes before, you could go with the easiest option, a costume harness. This type of costume doesn’t really require any training on your part to get your dog to tolerate the weird sensation of wearing clothes.

Pets do have to have good leash manners, though. I can see it now… a dog with bee wings all caught up in a bush, and the owner (also dressed in a bee costume, but with a crown because she’s the Queen Bee) buzzing all around trying to get her poor confused dog out of the bush without tearing the harness’ gauzy wings. While it might be amusing from the outside, it’d sure be annoying if it were you! Also, a good dog with good leash manners probably won’t cause any issues for you either when you encounter strangely dressed humans and other costumed canines on your Trick or Treating adventures. If you’re in doubt about your pet’s ability to let weird situations just roll off his back, leave him at home. For instance, I know that my dog is great to play with other dogs at Doggy Day Camp, but put him on a leash with me at the other end, and each and every dog we come across is the enemy. So he’ll stay home this year. I am cognizant of his (and my) limitations.

Whether you decide to make your family pet a part of your Trick or Treat adventures, group costumes are always a fun time. If you’ve got a passel of kids, you could dress up as Gru and have yourself a bunch of Minions! Or choose to take your pooch and you can be Mystery Inc.! Or you could be your favorite rock band. Get enough friends together and you could have a zombie outbreak in your neighborhood. Regardless of what you decide to go as, the most important point is to have fun and be safe. Don’t forget your flashlight!

Posted: Friday, October 23, 2015