Getting Your Yard Fall Ready

As the weather cools and life gets back to normal, it's easy to fall into the trap of letting your yard "rest" for the winter. But, the truth is, fall is the best time to prepare your yard for a great spring. With a little care, and these helpful tips, the steps you take this fall can make your yard spring to life a few months from now:


Continue to mow as long as the grass continues to grow, even if it’s at a slower rate. As the temperatures begin to drop, drop the blade on your mower to the lowest setting for the last cutting of the year. This allows sunlight to reach the center of the grass blade, keeping it in good condition for the spring.


As grass prepares to go dormant for the winter, it’s trying to soak in as many nutrients as possible. Aerating your yard allows more water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach the root of the plant. Whether you aerate yourself, or hire a landscaping professional, taking this one step in the fall will lead to a more beautiful yard next spring. Make sure you continue to water your yard just up until winter so your grass is ready.

Leaf Control

Let’s face it, no one likes to rake leaves. But, allowing them to pile up on your lawn is not only unsightly, but can create a mat over your grass that breeds fungus, and suffocates your lawn. If you don’t want to rake, use your lawn mower with a collection bag to clear the yard.


Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. As the weather cools and grasses begin to slow, the roots are hard at work preparing for winter. Applying fertilizer now will encourage your grass to grow deeper roots and give it nutrients to help make it through the winter so that it’s more robust in spring.

Weed Control

Just like your grass, weeds are preparing for the winter as well trying to absorb as many nutrients as possible. Applying weed killer in the fall maximizes your return, as the weeds will soak it up, and die before spring.

Get a Move On

Have some plants you’d like to move from one side of the yard to the other? Fall is the best time. Without the normal stress that heat causes, the cool weather allows plants to focus more on root growth, making it the perfect time to plant or re-plant. Plow and Hearth has great tools to help. 

Want to have the yard everyone in the neighborhood envies? It's easy, with a little prep work before the winter comes. Take the small steps needed this fall to have your yard looking better than ever when spring rolls around. 

Posted: Tuesday, October 01, 2013