Do It Yourself DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Five Virtually Free DIY Halloween Costumes

Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes are becoming more popular because of mommy bloggers and social sharing sites like Pinterest and the handmade haven of Etsy. We spent an afternoon culling through hundreds of images and narrowed it down to our favorite kid’s Halloween costumes that are virtually free to create.

Virtually Free Kids’ Costumes

  1. John Deere Tractor Kid

    John Deer Tractor Kid Transform an ordinary cardboard box into a custom, John-Deere-green, kid-powered tractor. Use tin cans or toilet paper rolls for the smoke stack and plastic lids for the headlights. Chances are your little one will play with this long after Halloween.

  2. Hot Air Balloon Kid

    Hot Air Baloon Kid There are several versions of the hot air balloon kid . This one is especially cute, because of the huge balloon bouquet hanging over the basket.  Start with a cardboard box, and decorate the outside to look like a woven basket. Then add four small wooden dowels to each corner and attach topper piece of cardboard to it to support the balloons. Next add some type of strap to the basket that will serve as harness support for your child to carry the basket and balloons around the neighborhood.  And finally, add four small, brown paper bags with the words “sand” written on each for a finishing touch.

  3. Wind Up Doll Kid

    Wind up Doll Kid This wind up is a little cutie. Use newspaper to create template for the key top, then cut out the template from a sturdy cardboard. Next, you’ll glue the key top to two toilet paper rolls or one paper towell roll.  Spray paint or cover in aluminum foil for a metalic-wind-up-look.  To attach the wind up key, poke a small hole at the end of the toilet paper or paper towell rolls and thread rubberband through it. Then attach additional rubberbands on each side long enough to fit around your child’s arm.  Think of it like putting on a vest. Finishing touches, add some extra blush like a baby doll would have and an adorable hair bow.

  4. Wayne’s World

    Waynes World A classic throwback to Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. Acheive your Wayne and Garth look with well-worn T-shirts, jeans and Converse. Add some flannel, fake glasses, drum sticks and a Wayne’s World hat  to complete the look. If you don’t happen to have a Wayne’s World hat laying around the house, then you can always print the logo and attach it to the hat for the night. “Party on. Excellent,” as Wayne and Garth would say.

  5. Jellyfish Kid

    Jellyfish Kid Take any clear umbrella and tape party streamers on the inside for an instant under-the-ocean feel. Plus, you’ll be ready for any sudden rain storms.

    Halloween is a great opportunity to be creative with kids. We hope you enjoyed these costume ideas. If you’re still searching for treats to give out to your trick-or-treaters, please check out the great assortment from the Candy Shop.

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012