Prepping for the Black Friday Frenzy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the busiest shopping day starts in just a couple of weeks! There’s no doubt that Black Friday shoppers often score the very best deals of the season. But, before you throw yourself into the fray, make sure you’ve done your homework. Getting the best of Black Friday starts here by doing your homework ahead of time:

Prep Your Peeps

While it’s fun to get involved in the rush of Black Friday, you don’t want to lose your focus and end up buying tons of great deals that no one on your list will be interested in. Make a list of the people you are shopping for, with at least three ideas of what you might get for them. As you begin to search out the deals, note who you’re shopping for so you can be sure to knock out as much of your gift list as possible.

List Your Faves

We all have places we prefer to shop. Whether it’s that great little boutique downtown, or that online store full of unique items you’ve never seen before, you don’t want to accidently miss one during the biggest sales day of the year. Your first step in the Black Friday Frenzy Prep is to make a list of each store you plan to shop.

Find the Start Line

Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier each year. The store you stood outside of last year waiting for them to open at 1am may be open Thursday evening this year. The online sale that started Cyber Monday last year may have decided to bump it up to Black Friday. Once you have your list of places to shop, make a note of the day their sale starts and the hours. Be sure to note if they have tiered shopping, such as offering certain items during certain shopping hours.

Search the Sales

From flyers in your physical mailbox, to all the sales campaigns in your email box, you’ll have no shortage of deals to chase. Make a list of the specific items you hope to score, what store to find them in, and the price you are trying to get. Once the craziness begins, you’ll be glad you have something to reference that has all of the information in one place. Not to mention that something you thought was a deal in one store might be a better deal in another. Snag it with no regrets!

Once you have all of your information in one place, you’re ready to hit the sales! Whether you’re shopping online or trekking through the stores, be sure to put PointShop Mall on your list and check in early for the amazing deals our merchants have planned!

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2014