Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Hard-to-Shop-for People

We all have one. You know, that person that we save for last during our holiday shopping. Not because we don’t love them. Not because we don’t want to surprise them with something they’ll love. They are one of those people: the difficult to shop for.

Don’t despair! We’ve shopped the mall for all the best gifts for those “hard-to-shop-for” people on your list. With a little help from our elves, we’ve located the best ideas to please even the most difficult.

Musical Musings

Everyone has a musical side! From their favorite artist to instruments from their childhood (can you say lap harp?), music makes a great gift for hard-to-shop-fors. We love Ray’s Midbell Music where you can find everything from sheet music, to instruments, and more. Rest assured, there’s something for everyone.

Pajama Paradise

Here’s something you may have not considered about your hard-to-shop-for: they sleep. Seriously. Who doesn’t love a great pair of comfy pajamas? Bedhead Pajamas has the widest selection, and most unique collection of pajamas that we’ve seen.

Gift Basket Glee

Admit it. You love it when someone gives you a gift basket, right? Why not do the same favor for your hard-to-shop-for? What could be better than a beautiful basket filled with a wide variety of your favorite goodies? The Gifted Basket has some great deals this holiday season, so stop by and check them out!

Flags Fanatics

From something decorative that expresses their style to something patriotic that showcases their pride, a beautiful flag is a gift that can be cherished for years to come. American Made Flag Store has a wide selection of flags to please every hard-to-shop-for person on your list.

Something Snuggly

With this winter set to be the coldest in recent history, what hard-to-shop-for wouldn’t love something warm and fuzzy to snuggle into? The Merry Trading Company has everything from fuzzy shoes to hats, scarves, and more! Get the warmest deals of the season right here!

Treasured Trophy

Back in the day, they didn’t pass out trophies like candy. Maybe your hard-to-shop-for has never received one. Why not surprise them this holiday season with something fun that shows them how much you appreciate them? West End Trophies can build the perfect trophy for that unique person on your list!

Fruit Fantasy

Did you know this time of year is peak season for citrus? Why not delight your hard-to-shop-for with a delicious citrus treat, marmalade, or wine? Cross Creek Groves has been shipping Florida’s finest citrus since 1949. You can trust them to deliver the perfect gift you’ve been looking for.

The hard-to-shop-for people on your list aren’t impossible. With a little creative thinking, and broad gifts that appeal to all kinds, picking out something they’ll enjoy is easier than you think. Start your shopping season off right by making PointShop Mall your first stop. And, make it easy on yourself this year by getting those hard-to-shop-for gifts first!

Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2014