Holiday Countdown Checklist: 90 Days of Holidays

Fall is here and Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner. The end of the year is packed with opportunities to entertain, socialize and travel. In the next 45 days, there will be celebrations for over 24 different religious and culturally significant events. If you observe them all, that’s an event every three to four days.

Entertaining during the holidays can be easy with a little pre-planning. So, get out the red pen and mark your calendars, or set digital reminders on your smartphone or tablet to help you complete your holiday planning checklist tasks.

Holiday Countdown Checklist

Four to Six Weeks Before the Holiday

1.) Mail invitations to your guests. If guests are expected to contribute to the celebration by bringing food or drink, it’s ideal to touch base before the invite is sent.  The invitation should confirm your expectations.

2.) Will guests be spending the night at your home?  If so, it’s important to inventory your linens to make sure you’ll have extras for guests. If you want to upgrade your collection, you may consider Belgian Huis or F&B Linens.

3.) Is this a gift-giving holiday? If so,  make a list of who you’ll be buying gifts for now, and start to shop for them over the next few weeks. Shopping online could make things simpler for you this season. Consider visiting PointShop for online comparison shopping of over 300 merchants.


Two to Three Weeks Before the Holiday

1.) Confirm arrival times and any food allergies with guests.

2.) Decide on a menu. Will it be casual buffet or formal sit-down dining? Will it be catered or home made food? Is your current set of cookware in need of an update? If so, consider checking out La Belle Cuisine for great deals on Le Creuset, Copper Cookware and French Porcelain. Prepare any freezer safe foods ahead time to spend less time in the kitchen during the holiday week.

3.) Housekeeping. Divide the major chores into smaller chunks to make them manageable. Enlist the help of your family and share the work.

4.) Complete your gift shopping to allow time for wrapping.


The Week of the Holiday

1.) Touch base with guests before they depart their home to see if there are any last minute items you will need for them.

2.) Ensure all items are complete on your housekeeping list. Place a few welcome gifts in your guests rooms. The Candy Shop is a great place to get snacks to make your guests feel welcome.

3.) Complete final grocery shopping trip, and prepare what you can ahead of time.

4.) Relax.  If you didn’t get everything done on your checklist, it will be OK. Remember you’re guests are coming to see you.



Upcoming U.S. Holidays from


NOVEMBER Holidays 2012

  1. Thursday, Nov 1 - All Saint’s Day - Christian 
  2. Friday, Nov 2 - All Soul’s Day - Christian 
  3. Sunday, Nov 4 - Daylight Saving Time Ends - Time Falls Back
  4. Tuesday, Nov 6 - Election Day - Observance 
  5. Sunday, Nov 11 -  Veterans Day - National holiday 
  6. Tuesday, Nov 13 -  Diwali / Deepavali  - Observance 
  7. Thursday, Nov 15 - Muharram / Islamic New Year - Muslim 
  8. Thursday, Nov 22 - Thanksgiving Day  - National holiday 
  9. Friday, Nov 23 - Black Friday - State holiday 17 states


DECEMBER Holidays 2012

  1. Sunday, Dec 2 - First Sunday Advent - Christian 
  2. Friday, Dec 7 - Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day - Observance 
  3. Saturday, Dec 8 -  Feast of the Immaculate Conception  - Christian 
  4. Sunday, Dec 9 - Dec 16 - Chanuka- Jewish holiday 
  5. Friday, Dec 21 -  December Solstice  - Season 
  6. Monday, Dec 24 -  Christmas Eve  -  Christian 
  7. Tuesday, Dec 25 - Christmas Day - National holiday, Christian 
  8. Wednesday, Dec 26 - Jan 1 - Kwanzaa - Observance 
  9. Monday, Dec 31 - New Year’s Eve - Observance

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2012