Take a Ski Vacation Before the Season Ends

You’d think that growing up in Vermont, my husband would at least have gone skiing once in his life. Nope. He’s never been. So when I asked him for advice on this blog he said, “I dunno. Make something up.” Clearly, he was no help at all. Then I considered asking a friend that skis about what you need to go skiing. Then I remembered that the last time she went she shattered her femur, so bringing it up would possibly not be the best of ideas. Not being much of a cold weather fan myself, I’ve never wanted to actually hit the slopes - but now is a great time to go, where you’ll find deals on ski vacations before Spring arrives.

I’m more the type that you’d find in the lodge, sipping a hot toddy or cider of some kind. Of course, I would still buy all the necessary things to make it LOOK like I’d been on the slopes. I’d buy a new jacket, of course, and would definitely need some of those mittenhand gloves. I guess I could opt for regular gloves, but that doesn’t appeal as much to my sense of whimsy. I’d also need a sport headband or some earmuffs to make it look like I needed to keep the hair out of my face and my ears warm during my supposed runs down the mountain.

I got to thinking about it, and I wondered if my dog would be happier at home boarding or if he’d enjoy being with us on the mountain. Certainly he couldn’t actually go skiing himself, but he could certainly enjoy the snow. I did buy him some dog booties recently for a toenail injury. Poor guy just couldn’t stop licking it. But I think if he went on a skiing adventure with us he would definitely need booties, and a doggie ski vest or jacket.

It would only follow that coming from 70 degree days and going to someplace where it’s in the 30s but feels like the 20s, I would not wear my new parka  to the airport or on the plane. And since the last time I actually purchased luggage was when I was still in college, I’d need to get some new travel accessories. Also, since I’m no longer in my 20s and I value purchasing items that won’t fall apart the first time they’re tossed in the cargo area of an airplane, I’ll be purchasing high quality stuff. Hides in Shape has some great luggage sets like this Hartmann Tweed Belting Collection. I can really channel my inner librarian using these pieces. Or maybe I want to show my love for the Fab Four with this totally sweet Beatles collection from LuggageSource. You know what I’ve always wanted? Aluminum luggage. Not only wouldn’t I have to worry about anything inside getting broken, but I would also look really important and famous walking through the airport dragging it behind me. Oh, or better yet, I’d only have one of those briefcase style cases. I could put my little Surface Pro in there like it was a much more expensive laptop and walk around like I’m a secret agent or something. I could be Agent 99, or Miss MoneyPenny, or a Charlie’s Angel

Actually, I would much prefer water skiing to snow skiing. You know, in the warm sun. Nary a breeze to be found. I could still use my new luggage to go to Hawaii and water ski. Or I could just laze around drinking alcoholic drinks that somebody else makes for me at the beach. Who’s coming with me?

Posted: Friday, March 04, 2016