Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up. I always have a hard time choosing presents for my father. This is because I don’t really know him all that well. The things I know about him are all surface things. For instance, I know that he likes hunting and fishing. I know that when I was little we used to listen to NPR a lot for the classical music. He makes one mean pumpkin pie. But like I said, these are surface things. Those of you who have deeper relationships with your paternal caregivers will be able to come up with more meaningful gifts. Really, this holiday is more about appreciating your father, grandfather, or paternal caregiver.
Here are a few items I’ve bought for my dad in the past that have been well received. Yeah, they’re stereotypical “guy” gifts. In many ways he’s a stereotypical guy, so I’ve figured they’re okay.

  • Socks – My dad loves wool socks. He wears them in all kinds of weather. I don’t think you can underestimate the power of a good sock.
  • Toolbox – My dad used to have this red truck. In the back of this red truck there lived a red toolbox. Well, this red toolbox slammed and banged around in the bed of this truck for a long time. Eventually dad bought some tie-downs to secure it to one of the sides, but much of the damage had been done. The lid wouldn’t shut and tools began to scatter across the bed of the truck. After much improvisation and grumbling, I took matters into my own hands and bought him a new red toolbox. Knowing how my dad doesn’t throw anything away, he probably still has his original, but he started using the new one the next day.
  • Knives – Dad’s such a guy. He has a pocketknife that he wears in a sheath on his belt. The only time he leaves it off is when he’s going to church. Every once in a while he switches out which one he uses. He’s partial right now to multitools, but he used to only go for one straight-edge blade that he had to strop to sharpen after use.
  • Hats – Hats are a must have for any person who hunts, fishes, or spends any kind of time in the sun. With snapback hats it’s easy to find one that will fit, because the hat’s band is adjustable. If you’re going for more of a fedora, bowler, or cowboy hat, you’ll need to either have a general idea what size head you’re buying for or know their hat size.
  • Books – While buying someone a book can sometimes be considered an easy way out of getting a gift that requires thought, I’d like to argue that a well-thought out book purchase can show a person how much you love and appreciate them. Insightfulness in purchasing a book can illustrate for someone how well you really know them.

If your paternal caregiver has hobbies, you could always buy him supplies to support those. Maybe he likes tying his own fishing lures and could always use more fishing line. Does he do woodworking? Maybe treat dad to a new color stain, wax, or sandpaper. Find out what dad likes and get him something related. It’s easy enough. Plus, he’ll probably be pleased as punch that you remembered him regardless of what the thing is you end up giving him. With family, it really should be the thought that counts.

Posted: Thursday, June 02, 2016