Wedding Traditions not to Miss

Know any June brides? Chances are you do! The summer season is bridal season and as we enter into it, guests get to enjoy the festivities and unique ceremonies that today’s weddings offer. But, let’s not forget some of the traditions that have been passed down for generations. Incorporating these into your wedding will offer unique memories for a lifetime.

Exchanging of Rings

While the ring can often become a big focus for today’s bride, this tradition goes back to the Egyptians and Romans where rings referenced the hand and foot binding of captured brides that were abducted for marriage. Eventually, a 12th century pope declared that weddings would be held in the church and that the brides were to receive rings.

The Veiling of the Bride

While veils are often used in weddings today, brides rarely “veil” their faces as the come down the aisle. This tradition has origins from Roman times where they feared the bride might be vulnerable to enchantment, so she was hidden from evil spirits via the veil which was to scare off the spirits. Today, a veil is often used as a sign of religious humility and respect.

Carrying the Bride over the Threshold

While this tradition once wouldn’t be missed, today’s couples often step over this. But, this tradition began because it was believed that it was bad luck for the bride to trip as she entered the couple’s home for the first time. To ward off bad luck, grooms began carrying their brides over the threshold so they could begin their home life peacefully.

Something Old, Something New . . .

The saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” has been spoken to brides since Victorian times. The “something old” represents the bride’s family and the closeness she feels to her old life. The “something new” represents the couple’s new life together and the future they are about to embark on. The “something borrowed” is meant to come from a married woman close to the bride as if a sharing of wisdom about the marriage. And the “something blue” represents fidelity and constant love and devotion during the marriage. Often, the items a bride chooses for this tradition becomes some of her fondest keepsakes of the big day in years to come.

The Honeymoon

While today’s couple looked forward to this part of the festivities, in ancient times when grooms literally “took this woman” by abducting brides from their neighbor’s homes. This eventually led to a tradition of the bride and groom going into hiding for 30 days after the marriage, during which time a friend or family member would bring them a cup of honey wine . . . thus the “honey” moon.

Planning your wedding and creating traditions for your new family is exciting and daunting. Don’t forget to incorporate some of these classic ideas along with the modern ones you come up with on your own. The merchants at PointShop Mall are ready to help you with your big day!

Posted: Friday, June 12, 2015