Which Luggage is Right for Your Vacation?

It’s finally here! The summer vacation of your dreams. You’ve planned, you’ve prepared, now all you have left to do is . . . pack. In order to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, choosing the right luggage option is key. It should allow enough space for your belongings, as well as a little extra for things you may pick up along your travels.

Just Right
There’s nothing worse than lugging around a huge suitcase, when all you needed was a small one. Except maybe carrying tons of extra things that wouldn’t fit in your too-small suitcase. When choosing your luggage, make sure to think ahead to how much you plan to pack, and choose a size that will work well.

Today’s luggage is a far cry from basic black. While that option is still available, there are many more pieces that not only do a great job of carrying what you need, but look good in the process. Whether you pick something subtle, or over the top, make sure you choose luggage that fits your personality, and that you will instantly recognize as it goes around the luggage bin in airports.

The Price is Right

While there are plenty of inexpensive luggage options out there, make sure that what you are purchasing is not cheaply made. Buying a more expensive, but quality piece, can give you something reliable that will last for years to come. Putting a little more into a higher quality bag will keep you from luggage mishaps such as broken handles, zippers, and even damaging your goods.

The Right Stuff
Luggage materials vary. But, luggage can basically be broken down into two categories: hard and soft surfaces. If you travel by air and want to utilize overhead storage, soft surface bags (such as fabric or leather) work best and often have expandable areas that allow for extra storage when needed. If you need more rugged luggage that can take a hit, harder surface bags do a great job of protecting their contents while being able to suffer through difficult circumstances.

Wheel On
No matter what type of luggage you purchase, anything larger than a shoulder bag typically has wheel options. Always purchase wheeled options if at all possible to make life easier as you move quickly through airports, hotels, and check-out lines. You’ll be glad you did.

Ready to Shop?
Once you know the size, style, and typical end use for your luggage, where do you go? Look online for the maximum number of options, with the least amount of searching involved. The Luggage Source is your online destination for the best luggage in the industry—with discounted prices. Each piece comes with a warranty and outstanding customer service. Specializing in luggage since 1956, you can rest assured you are in great hands.

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