How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Gift

With summer upon us, wedding season is in full bloom! Mailboxes are filling with invitations, and eager brides and grooms prepare for the biggest day of their lives. For the guests, buying a wedding gift for young couples these days can be daunting. With most couples marrying later and coming into the marriage with a household of their own, finding the perfect gift for them is not as easy as just walking down the small appliance aisle. As you get your calendar set, take the worry out of wedding gift buying with our simple tips.

Registry Check
Thankfully, most stores (even big box stores) have wedding registries where the bride and groom can choose everything from the perfect beach towel, to bowls and spoons. Most couples register at several different stores in order to give guest a wider range of options and price ranges. Make it easy on yourself by picking up something you already know they need and want. Close friends and family will likely know where the couple is registered.

Price Policy
Select a gift for the couple that is within your budget even if it means that all you can afford is a small piece of their china. With wedding gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. And since there will be a multitude of gifts during this time, couples are happy to get something small that goes towards building out a larger set they’ve chosen. Don’t feel pressure to do more when they will be perfectly happy with what you can already do.

Wrap it up
If the store offers it, have the gift wrapped for you. Professional wrappers know the tips and tricks to make a package look great. And, most stores offer free or very minimal cost gift wrap. Should you decide to do it yourself, splurge a little to make the gift special. Don’t forget to enclose a card inside the gift. Gift tags often get lost in the post-wedding shuffle.

Proper Etiquette
If you are taking the gift to the wedding, or giving it beforehand, it is preferred that you address it to the bride. However, once the couple is officially married, address it to both the bride and groom. Should you decide to give the gift of money, make checks payable to both the bride and groom.

Buyer Beware
In general, it is preferable to select a gift from the registry to ensure the couple is getting something they both want and need. And although you may fall in love with something else you see (such as a unique piece of art), avoid buying such things unless you have a close relationship with both the bride and groom and are certain both will enjoy it.

To the Letter
While monogramming is popular these days, it’s not something everyone will appreciate. Not only does it make the gift nonreturnable, but you never know what names the couple will choose to use. Take the worry out of your gift by skipping the monogram.

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