Summer Skin Care

These skin tips are great for summer, but establishing a skincare routine can keep you free from breakouts, oiliness, and dry skin year round!

Healthy skin requires a few things, but the most important of all is hydration. Sweating through the dog days of summer can really deplete your skin’s moisture, so it’s important to remember to drink non-alcoholic liquids throughout the day. Sorry, beer and wine won’t help keep you hydrated as well because alcohol is a diuretic. Keep in mind that the human body is about 60% water when you’re deciding whether to have another glass of water.

Another blog about summer skin care? I know what you’re thinking. When will she tell me I need to wear sunscreen? Right now. Wearing sunblock is the easiest thing you can do to prevent skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in the United States, according to the CDC. It’s also the most preventable of all cancers. So wear your sunblock and stay under your umbrella or wide brim hat at the beach!

Don’t think that your lips need sunblock? You’d be wrong, my friend. The outer layer of skin on the lips is very thin, and contains little to no melanin. Without this pigment, lip skin has virtually no defense against the UVA and UVB radiation that the sun gives off. Find yourself a nice lip balm with SPF in it and you’ll be good to go. Think of lip balm as lotion for your lips, and apply it to your lips as you would apply hand lotion to your dry hands.

You took all the precautions, but the worst has happened anyway. You’ve got a sunburn. As long as you haven’t got fever, chills, nausea, or blistering you can probably treat your sunburn at home. If you have any of the preceding symptoms, you should call your doctor. Most people’s first reaction to burning themselves is to stick the affected area under cold water. That instinct is exactly correct. When an area is burned, it becomes inflamed. The cooling effect of the water constricts surface blood vessels, reducing inflammation and pain. Lay a cold compress on your sunburned shoulders or take a cool bath if you’re burnt all over. Try to avoid using soap, because your skin is already dried out from the burn, and soap will simply dry it more. If you have to use soap, rinse it off thoroughly to mitigate the drying effect. Once you’re out of the bath or done with your compress, don’t forget to moisturize because while it may help your skin to feel better, all that moisture sitting on top of your skin can actually dry out the top layer of burnt skin. An after sun product or one with aloe will help to hydrate your skin from the outside in, while all those fluids you’ve been drinking will do the work from the inside out.

Or maybe you’ve applied sunscreen like it’s been going out of style all year long and are now envious of all your friends’ tans? You can still look sunkissed without actually having to set foot outside! Nope, I’m not talking about a self-tanner, those can be time consuming to use. I’m talking about bronzer, and most specifically the powder kind that comes in a compact. Used correctly (and judiciously), these products can create stunning effects with very little effort. Apply just under cheekbones in the hollows of your cheeks to create dramatic looking cheekbones without plastic surgery. Using a light hand, begin just under the apples of your cheeks and sweep an angle brush up the bone towards your temple. You can always apply more if you don’t think you see a difference, but it’s better than having to start over because you applied to much at first. Don’t forget to blend. And once you think you’re done blending, blend some more. Then apply your normal blush to the apples of your cheeks and sweep out towards your hairline. You’ll have that healthy glow in less than five minutes without all the unfortunate effects of ultraviolet rays.

It’s bedtime, finally. Those summer days really take it out of you, don’t they? You’d like nothing more than just to fall into bed. But wait! You’ve still got sunblock all over your face from the day. Don’t forget to wash of the sweat and grime with a gentle face wash first and moisturizer after, especially if you’ve got a sunburn on your face. Your skin will thank you tomorrow and the next day. You can wake up in the morning refreshed and able to put your best face forward.

Posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2015