What to Stock up on During Back-to-School Shopping Season

Hey Mom! It’s baaack. The school year, that is. And we all know what that means: shopping! This year, stay ahead of the game by stocking up on the items you’ll need most, so you won’t have to search mid-year for things that become impossible to find, or that jump up in price after the sales end. Here’s the lowdown on what to stock up on now:


Students use them year round, but the best sales on jeans are found during the back-to-school season. If your child is in a growth spurt, it may not be the best time to stock up. But for those who’ve settled into a size that can last a year or more, get the deals while they’re hot.

Lunch Boxes

Ok, so you may not need to load up on lunch boxes. But, these will disappear off the shelves and then be nearly impossible to find. So, if you have a student who is particularly hard on their school supplies, go ahead and buy two. It will save you weeks of headaches looking for a new one mid-year.


Again, this is one item you won’t need to stock up on, but if you don’t invest in a good one, you’ll spend the Christmas holiday scouring shelves for a new one to make it through the second semester. Pick out a heavy-duty one now, while the pickings are plenty. And, should your child insist on a cheaper version with his favorite character, go ahead and buy two.


You never know how much your kids will use. But, once it’s off the back-to-school shelves, this can be a hard item to locate (especially wide-ruled paper). If you think about using 10 sheets per day, over an average school year of 180 days, that’s 1800 sheets. With the average pack of paper holding 250 pieces of paper, you would need 8 packs of paper per student. If your child is younger, you would likely need less.


With pencils, you get what you pay for. Purchasing a higher quality pencil will save you both time and money. Higher quality pencils are less likely to break when sharpening, and less likely to frustrate your student by breaking while writing. With an average of 36 weeks of school in a year, you can count on your student going through about 1 pencil a week.


Typically, your student will need a notebook for each subject they will be taking throughout the year. If their schedule is split by semesters, plan ahead and buy enough notebooks during peak buying season to cover the entire year. Since these typically sell for pennies on the dollar during back-to-school sales, stock up.


Not only do a lot of teachers require notecards for projects, they are also wonderful tools to help your student study. Purchase the standard size so it fits easily into a card box, and make sure they are lined, for easier use. If your child is in middle or high school, purchase one pack per grading period.

Highlighters and pens

Younger students aren't typically allowed to use either of these, but middle and high school students can get a head start on building study skills with highlighters, and often prefer pens to pencils. Purchase one pack of highlighters per middle or high school student, and one pen per week (if they use them rather than pencils).

Life gets hectic enough after school starts without having to worry about searching for wide-ruled paper during the Christmas season. Get everything you need now, with help from the merchants at PointShop Mall.

Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2014