Top 10 Dorm Room Must Haves

It’s the moment you’ve been planning for a lifetime: your first year away at college. While you may be ready to leave the nest and start living on your own, make sure you step out prepared. Sure, you’re a grown up now, but let’s face it, you’ve yet to really take on full responsibility for every aspect of your life. Stay on top of your new adventure with these top 10 things you’ll need in your new dorm room:

1.Alarm Clock. For some, college is the first time they’ve had to keep themselves on a schedule. Especially the waking up at the crack of dawn part. Why not splurge a little on your alarm clock, and make it a radio/CD/alarm clock combo. Or choose a clock that makes your style shine through.

2.Toolbox. You’ve probably never considered that tools aren’t hidden in every drawer. This is one of those things that you don’t need, until you need it. And then, nothing else will work. Get the basics: a flat-head screwdriver, a phillips-head screwdriver, a basic wrench, a tape measure, a hammer, and nails. Don’t have the space? At least invest in a multitool. We love the one from La Bonte’s Luggage.

3. Sheets, towels, and a good blanket. Since you’ll now be doing your own laundry, stock up on sheets and towels so you can make it at least a week between washings. A good blanket will come in handy in all kinds of weather, so pick something you love. Domestic Bin has everything you need, even a 10-piece “Dorm-in-a-box” set.

4. Laundry hamper. Speaking of laundry, roommates won’t exactly love you for leaving yours all over the floor. Purchase a good hamper that’s breathable and large enough to hold a week’s worth of clothing, towels, and sheets. Hampers with dual sides allows you to separate before washing, which just makes it easier on laundry day.

5. Slim hangers. Unlike the typical plastic hangers filling your closets at home, these are perfect for small closets (like the ones in dorms). You’ll be able to fit more into what you’ll begin to feel is a microscopic space. And not only will they help you keep everything you need, but many have non-slip edges so your favorite pieces don't end up on the floor.

6. Plastic bins. Whether you need to pack up and store things in your closet, or under your bed, you’ll be glad you invested in a few nice bins to hold the extras you don’t seem to have space for anywhere else. Clothes that aren’t quite in season, extra school supplies, and mementos you gather can be easily stored away.

7. A shoe rack. Whether it’s the over-the-door kind, a standing rack, or the expandable kind that hangs in your closet, having a specific place for your favorite shoes will make for easier access, the ability to have more pairs with you, and better care of your favorite pairs.

8. Hanging Jewelry Roll. Maximize your space and keep your valuables safe with jewelry storage that rolls up and tucks into a top drawer. These handy storage pieces not only keep everything in one place, but makes it easy to take them with you when you go home for the weekend. 

9. Dishes and flatware. While most of your meals will likely be in a dining hall, or out with friends, occasionally you may want to enjoy a small meal or snack in the comfort of your room. Purchase a simple set of basic dishes and flatware, and consider getting a couple in case a friend drops by.

10. Corkboard. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be overwhelmed. Keeping up with your own schedule, managing your own place, and being responsible for your school work can be a lot all at once. Having a landing place for important notices, special mementos, and other random bits of information you don’t know what to do with can help you stay on top of your new life.

While this may not be everything you need to get through life, it’s certainly a good start. Beginning on the right track just takes a little planning. Find everything you need and want for your new dorm life with help from the merchants at PointShop Mall.

Posted: Wednesday, July 09, 2014