Summer Skincare Skills

Summertime is the perfect time of year to show off your healthy skin. But, it can also be a time of year that is very hard on your skin. Maintaining a good care routine that includes gentle cleansing and sun protection can keep your skin not only healthy now, but brag-worthy for years to come. 

Sun Protection
A life of exposure to the sun can really damage your skin. From wrinkles, to age spots, and even an increased risk of cancer, the sun can be one of the most harmful things to your skin. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, and reapplying when necessary can provide the necessary sun protection to keep your skin looking its best. When sunscreen is not available, staying out of the sun during peak hours (from 11am to 3pm) can also protect your skin from the most harmful rays.

Clean Gently

While daily cleansing is necessary, it can take a serious toll on your skin. To make sure you are doing so as gently as possible limit the length of bath times and switch from hot water to warm, which doesn’t remove as much oil from your skin. In addition, using mild soap, and a good moisturizer after bathing can help as well. Island Mist Natural Bath and Body uses only handmade, natural ingredients to provide the best products for your skin.

Best Foot Forward

Hot weather and frequent skin exposure can be tough on your feet—literally. Keep yours looking their best by moisturizing difficult areas such as heels each morning, and rubbing away rough edges with files or pumice stones. Body Toolz offers a wide range of at-home pedicure tools that are the perfect answer to your feet’s woes. 

Eat Well
While a healthy diet is important to most areas of life, many people are surprised at how much it can affect their skin. Research implies that a diet with plenty of vitamin C, and low in processed foods can promote younger skin.

Stress Less
Stress can have an incredible effect on the health of your skin. From acne, to dry skin, and even unexplained itching, a stressful life leads to stressed out skin. Manage your stress level by setting limits throughout your life that allows you to do the things you enjoy.

Basic skin care can help prevent problems and keep you looking younger longer. With a little effort, summertime can be a great time for both you and your skin. So get out there and show it off!

Posted: Wednesday, July 03, 2013