How to Host a Great Summer Party

There’s just something about the warm weather that makes you want to celebrate, isn’t there? Who can resist the smell of a grill, or the sight of a cool glass of lemonade? If you’re ready to get together and have a little fun, make sure you do it right with the following tips:

Get Picky

Choosing a menu and theme for the party can set the mood for the whole affair. Most summer parties are casual, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun in this department. Consider a fiesta night, a luau, or even just a casual burgers and dogs get-together. Most summer parties include cooking on the grill, so choose items that will please everyone. Why not offer something unique this cookout with grillers from Alaska Sausage and Seafood

The Entertainer
Keep the fun moving through the night by planning other things to do besides the main meal. Easy games like Twister, Corn-hole tournaments, or even putt-putt can draw people together and create a fun atmosphere of mingling. If kids are also invited, consider games that they can do with the adults and on their own, when the adults would like to gather into their own conversations. Puzzles, Toys, and More has great games for kids that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Light ‘em Up
Don’t forget that summer parties often go late into the evening when the sun goes down, but the weather is still nice. Consider getting some fun summer lights such as twinkle lights, paper lanterns, or tiki torches to shine the way around the fun.

Buggin’ Me
Unfortunately with summer, comes bugs. They’re unavoidable at any party, but you can keep your guests as comfortable as possible by providing options that keep the pests away. From cans of spray available, to citronella candles, to bug misters that spray an area continually. Make sure you stock up so they’ll stay away.

Keep party-goers happy by keeping them in mind beforehand. A little prep work to get your party ready will go a long way to making it fun for both you and your guests!

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | Tagged as: Grill, Ideas, Party, Perfect, Summer