The Gifts You Really Wanted

The holidays have come and gone. You had a great time with friends and family and got some wonderful gifts, but somehow Santa didn’t get the message on what you truly wanted. Well, now it’s time to go out and get the top gifts of 2009.

For all ages, it seems electronic gadgets will always be associated with the holiday shopping season. Some of the more popular items this year were the Rubik’s Touch Cube, an updated electronic version of the popular 80’s puzzle. Also highly popular is the Kindle DX, Amazon’s wireless e-book that is capable of holding up to 3800 books or other documents. It’s kind of like an MP3 player for your books and magazines. Continuing its popularity from previous years is Apple’s line of iPod’s, and in particular this year, the iPod touch 32GB. It’s capable of holding thousands of songs and videos. For the YouTube generation, Flip’s super small UltraHD Camcorder 120 minutes is hugely popular. It allows users push- button HD videotaping with the convenience of pocket storage. For those on the go, the Garmin nuvi 275T is a super small, super handy, portable GPS unit that has the ability to travel internationally. For those with a little cash to spare, HD TV’s, especially LCD TV’s, are popular and gaining market share. For those that need a little down time to shred, Guitar Hero has come out with many popular versions, including most recently the Beatles catalog. This is great for kids of all ages.

For the smaller kids, some of the most popular toys this year were the Littlest Pet Shop, which are designed mainly for toddlers and pre-school girls. These toys allow for literally hours of play time with the huge assortment of accessories. For the younger guys, Disney/Pixar’s Cars toys are still hugely popular, especially with the announcement of a new movie coming out and the release of online shorts that feature new characters. For kids of all ages (and genders), the ever popular Lego bricks allow for hours of non-stop creative play. Many stores ran out of Lego’s this year as parents decided on longer lasting, more educational toys. Now that the shelves are being restocked, it’s a good time to begin looking for those sets that couldn’t be found during the Christmas season. You may also want to look into brick sets that coordinate and work with Lego, such as K’NEX and Mega Bloks. These allow for even more creativity for your budding engineers. Some toys were made popular by TV shows, including iCarly Fashion Switch Figures, Bakugan Battle Packs, and assorted Hannah Montana Toys. iCarly is the latest in a long line of Barbie style dress-up dolls that have removable clothes and other accessories. They’re recommended for children 6 to 9. Bakugan Battle Balls which are hugely popular with school-age boys, are spring loaded miniature figures based on the popular TV show Bakugan Battle Brawlers. For young girls and ‘tweens, there is hardly anyone more loved than Hannah Montana. Disney has taken advantage of this and there is a huge range of products that are sure to please.

For anyone and everyone, the Wii System and games remains a hugely popular gift. With everything from Guitar Hero, to Wii Fit, to New Super Mario Brothers, Wii is a gaming system the whole family can enjoy. Unfortunately, they tended to disappear before Christmas, so head out now that the shelves are restocked!

Posted: Wednesday, January 06, 2010