It’s Time for a Winter Getaway

Vermont is lovely this time of year. That’s what I keep telling myself. Right now, I’m all cosy in my complimentary flannel robe, while my husband is out on the town. He’s just texted me that it’s snowing. And yup, sure enough, I can see big fat flakes out the window. No, no thank you. I will be staying inside. Snow is lovely to look at, but I don’t need to go out in it. I’m guessing that this snowfall is going to be great for skiing at Killington, though. I can imagine how cool it would be to be out there right now. It’s dark outside, but the slopes would be lit. All the flakes would be suspended in the air, and it would be like piloting the Millennium Falcon as you go zipping down the mountain. Notice I say you. Not me. I’d be staying in the hot tub, sipping wine. Maybe I’d be in the lodge wearing my fuzzy pants while lounging by the fireplace with some hot chocolate and a book. That’s basically what I’m doing right now in my hotel room. But there where it’d be a fire and a book, it’s a true crime TV show and a tablet computer.

I don’t know, though. If I wasn’t here on business, I wouldn’t be here during the winter. I think I’d really rather go south. And since y’all know I’m from North Carolina, it’d be somewhere even more south. An island, maybe? Someplace with palm trees and beaches. Where the dress code includes bathing suits and sunblock is where I want to be. Especially in the winter. So where should I go? The Dominican Republic? Bahamas? Oh, wait! Hawaii! That would be a good destination vacation spot. The average air temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average water temperature is 75 degrees. I could get in for a little while and then hop out onto the sand and my towel and just be lazy. No worries about breaking your leg on the slopes in Hawaii! The activities would probably be similar. I’d definitely lounge around with a beverage, but it might be a margarita and a magazine instead of hot chocolate and a book.

Regardless, I think a getaway is just the thing I need after this ‘vacation’ to Vermont. Yeah, I’m going to plan a trip soon! Pack your bags.

Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2017