Perks for Pets

They’re always there for you. They love you like no other. Our pets can be one of the best parts of our daily lives. But, in the rush of the everyday, we need to make time to show them how much we love them as well. We’ve shopped the mall to find the best ways to spoil your furry baby this winter.

A Bigger House

Expand your pet’s horizon by increasing their ability to roam. It’s easy to do for those smaller pets, with a larger tank, or expanded cage. Don’t forget all the fun accessories to keep them entertained and challenged.


A New Toy

We all love new toys, right? But, no one more so than your pet. From fuzzy playthings to toys that bounce, spin, or soar, help them get the mental exercise they need to stay young and happy. Spoiling them just a little is easy.


Special Treats

You know how you look forward to certain times of the year just because of the food? Well, your pet has favorites and likes to explore new things too. Expand their palettes with tasty treats or new meal options. Delicious!


A New Bed

Most pets spend the majority of their days sleeping. And while the couch, or at our feet might be their favorite spot, they deserve a special sleeping spot of their own. Find something comfy that they’ll love to snuggle into.



Some pets are born to roam. Their people, however, can become exasperated with all the requests to come in. Go out. Come in. Go out. Why not ease everyone’s mind by giving your pet the ability to come and go as they please with a pet door?


A Stylish Look

Admit it, there’s nothing cuter than your pet in clothes. You know you love it! There are so many options in the market, you’re sure to find a special outfit that is not only comfy for your pet, but makes them even more adorable.


Give back a little to the pet that gives you so much. The merchants at PointShop Mall are stocked and ready to serve the fluffy, furry, slippery, and scaly pets you love!

Posted: Wednesday, February 04, 2015