Get Playful this St. Patty's Day

Over time, St. Patrick's Day has become one of the most beloved celebrations of the year. The quirky customs and legends of Ireland have been adopted worldwide as people come together to have fun and renew their luck.

Don’t have plans this St. Patty’s Day? There are lots of great ways to get started. Awaken your inner leprechaun with these fun ways to celebrate. The merchants at PointShop Mall can help you get ready for the greenest party of the season!


More than 100 million people will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around the world. To help them get in the spirit here in the US, there are parades galore in every state. So, put on your finest green, and join in!

Irish Dancing

Anyone who’s ever heard traditional Irish music can easily understand why its own dance style was born. This fun, festive music has spread around the world, with Irish dancing classes and competitions becoming common in many communities. Step out and give it a try!

Fun Run

Dancing not your thing? Consider joining in your local St. Patty’s Day Fun Run. Many raise money to benefit local charities while providing a fun and healthy way to celebrate. Get geared up with everything you need, and then hit the pavement.

Irish Pubs

One of the most popular ways to celebrate, the party atmosphere that surrounds St. Patrick’s Day is hard to resist. From green libations, to specialty foods from Ireland, and live Irish music, anyone can be an honorary Irishman for a night. Study up on your favorite limericks before you go.

Leprechaun Dinner

A legend in Irish communities, leprechauns are known for their mischief and childish tricks. Enjoy a night in and cook a Leprechaun dinner for family and friends by serving the meal in reverse (dessert to entrée), or get really creative by just making it look that way. Think: mashed potatoes that look like ice cream, brownies that look like burgers, etc. A little mischief is always fun!

Whether you try your luck at a local celebration, or stay in and party with those you love, the merchants at PointShop Mall have everything you need to go green in a big way!

Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2015