Get in the Game with Winter Sports Play

With just a day away from the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the excitement over the best winter sports coverage of the year is building. From skiing, to figure skating, to hockey, it’s a great time to cheer on your team while enjoying the sports you love. Winter sports can be some of the best for your health and during a time when we tend to hunker down indoors, it’s a great way to continue to get exercise while having fun in the cold weather. Try some of these fun winter sports with your family and friends as a way to keep healthy this winter.

Ice Skating

One of the most talked-about competitions each Olympics is figure skating. Maybe it’s the awe we feel knowing we can barely make it around the rink without falling while these athletes jump, twirl, and flip with ease. This is a great sport for kids of all ages that builds strength, coordination, and balance. Just remember to dress in layers—you’d be surprised how hot you can get on the ice.


The inner hockey player in all of us has longed to smack that puck while shoving a few opponents across the ice, right? This competitive sport is a great one for kids as it requires physical maneuvering, while coordinating with other team members. While the sport can get very physical at times, using the proper safety equipment goes a long way in keeping everyone safe. Not a sport for the faint at heart, learning to be aggressive on the ice can also encourage kids to look out for themselves and their team mates while having a lot of fun.

Snow Skiing

Many family memories are made on the slopes around the world each year. A great outdoor winter sport that offers something for all skill levels, snow skiing can be a great family sport. While you’ll want to make certain that you are dressed appropriately for the weather, also keep in mind that all the fun you are having is actually exercise—so keep yourselves hydrated. A bonus to this sport? Hanging out with a cup of hot chocolate at the resort afterwards.

Snow Play

One of the most fun, and easily accessible, winter sports comes right in your own backyard. Playing in the snow is not only enjoyable, but a great workout for all ages as trekking through the white stuff can be much like hiking. Add more physical activity to it by building forts and challenging others to a snowball fight. Or, sled down the biggest hill you can find. While the sledding is easy, you won’t even notice all the exercise you’re getting climbing back to the top of the hill.

Take some time out of your busy winter schedule this year and build some bonding moments with your family and friends by playing winter sports. Find a sport that interests you during the upcoming Winter Olympics, then strike out on your own and give it a shot. Who knows, you might be inspired to start training for 2018.

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Posted: Thursday, February 06, 2014