Back-to-School: Must-Have’s for a Great School Year

It’s getting close to Back to School time here in our house. My children have informed their father and I that we are not allowed to say the “S” word, however, so we’re calling it their “post-summer plans”. Or that we purchased their “post-summer supplies”. I know some parts of the country are already back at it, but we’ve got a few more weeks here and we’re savoring every moment.

We’ll have to face reality eventually, though, so we may as well beat the rush and get what they need. Seems like backpacks and lunchboxes are the first places to start. I won’t get into the whole debate (that I’ve been having in my own head too) about whether grade school kids should have a new backpack every year, use it till it falls apart (my husband’s opinion), or somewhere in between. Regardless, a backpack is a necessity and there are lots to choose from these days. Next may come clothes and shoes. It’s always nice to have a couple of new outfits to start the new school year off with, and there is always the seemingly mandatory first day of school picture outside the front door of the house or the school when it’s way too early to even be up. We always have to do a silly one before the serious one to get the wiggles out.

If you’re got one or more (God bless you!) headed off to college, there’s even more to think about. Bedding, towels, microwaves and mini-fridges – all the comforts of home so that studying can take top priority (or something like that). If they’re headed way far away, and even if they’re not, those new clothes and shoes you just bought have to go somewhere, so a new set of luggage may be on the list.

And we haven’t even talked about electronics. We may not want to, but it’s the world we live in. A laptop or iPad is likely a must, and you’ve got to have ways to use and store them safely. After all, I can assure you Mom and Dad expect those to last way longer than a backpack!

It’s a lot to think about and my head is spinning already. Think I’ll get back to my “in-summer plans” and enjoy these last few days of freedom!

Posted: Wednesday, August 09, 2017