Back-to-School Must-Haves

It’s the final countdown to the end of August, and everybody knows what that means: the end of summer is so close you can almost smell the chalk dust in the air. Maybe I should say you can almost smell the dry-erase markers, because how many schools still use chalkboards anymore really? Yes, it’s back to school time. If your child is anything like I was, she’ll love to shop for new school supplies in person. On the other hand, there are some kids for whom trips to the mall or the office supply store are tantamount to torture. PointShop Mall is your savior! The first day back to school is hard enough with meeting new friends and getting at least one new teacher. Don’t leave them worrying about not having the right supplies.

Backpacks are the iconic back-to-school must-have, of course. There’s nothing like loading up a new bag with all your brand new, just opened school supplies the night before your first day back to school.

Don’t want to carry a backpack? Shop totes and other bags here.

Don’t forget that there is nothing more annoying than trying to find a pen or pencil only to have it somehow end up inside the spine of your math textbook. Keep writing utensils handy in a pen case or pencil case for easy access.

One of the things I remember best about being a kid and getting new school supplies was all the Lisa Frank stuff. Don’t remember Lisa Frank? Take a look here to jog your memory. I used to love the Trapper Keepers she made. With their bright colors and overabundance of pink and purple, they were just what a girl in the late 1980s needed. Think Nyan Cat meets unicorns and golden retrievers in a fantastical world where the sky is purple and the grass is pink and everybody eats ice cream. It’s nice to see that not a lot about the Lisa Frank brand has changed with its recent comeback.

Don’t like psychedelic hearts and stars and puppies? Kids can always use stickers to decorate your notebook and really make it yours!

My mother used to tell me that nobody looks at your shoes. They’re just on your feet. Now, I don’t know if it’s because she told me that or because I really like shoes, but the first thing I notice about a person is their footwear. I can’t be the only person that notices footwear from the jump, can I? You can’t put your best foot forward without new kicks, am I right? We’ve got kid’s feet covered - from sandals, to sneakers, to boots, to dress shoes. See all the new footwear choices here.

And speaking of accessories…when you go to all that trouble making your kids healthy lunches, why send them to school with just a paper bag? Give them unique containers to fit their unique personalities. Check out our lunch bags, lunch boxes, and lunch totes. Reusable is better for the environment, too!

Go forth, Minions! Learn everything you can and affect the world for the better!

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015