Camping Fun for Everyone

Fall is a great time to get outside with family and friends. And, what better way to build memories than a camping trip? Whether it’s your first outing, or you’re a lifelong tent-pitcher, a little planning can help the whole crowd find fun things they enjoy. When the quiet time of relaxation starts making you a little antsy, try these fun things to do:

Cook Goodie Cones: Wrap waffle cones in enough aluminum foil to be able to close it up over the end once full. Fill it with your favorite goodies, especially those that might melt. We love: strawberries, mini-mallows, chocolate chips, pineapple chunks, banana slices, coconut, and caramel chips. The possibilities are endless.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt: It’s simple. Make a list of items you might find in the woods, some easy and some more difficult, then set out to see if you can find them. The first team back to the campfire wins!

Go Berry Picking: First, make sure you know your berries. But, what could be more fun than picking wild berries like blueberries or blackberries, then making campfire pies using pie irons? Just add bread, butter, some sugar, and berries, combine and cook over the campfire. Delish!

Climb a Tree: Let’s face it, most of us live in areas that just don’t have trees that are large enough to climb. What better time to test your climbing skills? Make sure to have someone on the ground to take a picture, and cover you.

Go Rock Climbing: Why not pick a campsite that has benefits, like a great mountainside, low-stress rock climbing, or waterfalls within hiking distance? Before you pitch your tent, ask the site owners for the best spots to go exploring. If you’re going to go outside, go for the best spots!

Play Capture the Flag: The ultimate camping game. If you don’t have enough campers to create two teams, get friendly with nearby campsites to recruit more players. The goal: Capture the other team’s flag without getting caught and make it back to your camp base, while protecting your own flag. Want a bigger challenge: play at night.

Camping can be great fun for all ages. Plan ahead for memorable moments, and picture-perfect gatherings. Get help with all your camping needs from the merchants at PointShop Mall.

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014