Get Organized for Good

With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s easy to let the clutter pile up. But, as it rises so does our stress level, making the busyness feel completely overwhelming. Keep your house in order and the stress at bay by getting things under control this season with our helpful tips.

Home Sweet Home

The most common reason for clutter is that items don’t have a particular place to go. Professional organizers agree that giving everything its own “home” is the first step to taking control. Keep items in the same room in which they are used, and store them with similar items. If the item is something you use often, keep it in a place that is easily accessible so that you are more likely to put it away.

Clutter Catcher

The first stop to clutter is as close as your door. Keeping things from coming inside your home, keeps things from piling up. If you are offered something that you will not use, say no. If you love books and movies, try borrowing them instead of buying them. And, trash the junk mail before you bring the necessary mail inside.

Looking Good

To really take control of specific areas, scan your home to see where your clutter areas lie. Why is your stuff accumulating there? If you figure out the problem, a solution is typically simple. For example, if school papers clutter your counter, it may be because you’re nervous about tossing something that might be important to your kids. But, if you purchase a box to place all school papers in for the year, you can keep it out of sight, and then go through it at the end of the year to see if anything needs to be kept.

Don’t Dupe

Go through your cabinets and get rid of duplicates. Do you really need three pie pans, or four plastic spatulas in your kitchen? How about the pile up of curling irons under your bathroom sink? If you haven’t used it in the last year, simply clear. Get rid of it.

Closet Clean Out

It’s common knowledge that clothes follow the 80:20 rule. We wear 20% of the clothing in our closet, 80% of the time. Go through your clothes at least twice a year and donate what you haven’t worn in the last year to a charity that could make better use of it.

The truth is, most people are prone to clutter. Common areas that pile-up are children’s bedrooms, garages, home offices, and attics. While it’s tempting for everyone to hold onto things “just in case”, the key to clutter control is to get rid of things you don’t need. Don’t let your clutter issues cause you embarrassment. Instead, take control, purge, and organize so that you can remove the stress and enjoy the things that really matter.

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Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2013