Earth Friendly Home Fashion

Being kind to the environment starts with being kind to your home. Today’s retailers understand that consumers want products that not only work for them, but are made from the most responsible materials. Fabrics made from earth-friendly materials such as cotton, linen, wool, silk, and bamboo are naturally better than synthetic products made from polyester. Not only do they require less energy to produce, but they also offer a natural look and feel that cannot be duplicated outside of nature. The merchants at PointShop Mall offer a wide range of beautiful earth-friendly products for your home.


It’s known as “the fabric of our lives” for a reason. Cotton can be found in nearly every part of your home and has long been considered a giant in eco-friendly home fashions. With one of the softest hands and most versatile fibers, cotton has come to be trusted by consumers throughout the world.

We love the luxury bed linens found at F&B Specialty Linens, as well as the colorful Tea Towels they offer to liven up your kitchen.


Linen is made from flax, which grows naturally and requires fewer pesticides to thrive than other fibers. Since the yarn is inherently strong, linen products tend to have a longer life span than other natural products, making it heirloom quality as well. Linen kitchen towels are often used in place of paper towels because of their ability to clean without leaving streaks or dust particles.

We love the beautiful linen sheer drapery from Belgian Huis as well as the linen glass towels from F&B Specialty Linen.


The soft fleece of wool provides warmth and insulation from the cold in the most natural way possible. This fiber is not only durable and flexible, but can absorb some water without feeling wet. This makes it the perfect fiber for cold nights because it wicks away moisture, leaving you the perfect temperature.

We love the Salinas Alpaca Wool Throw found at F&B Specialty Linens, as well as the pure wool mattress pads found at Domestic Bin.


This naturally luxurious fabric is one of the most coveted for its smooth feel and high sheen. Made from natural proteins, silk creates a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and retains heat, making it perfect for bedding. Because it’s easy to care for and retains its natural beauty for years, investing in a nice silk piece often leads to an heirloom item that can be passed down.

We love the Venice silk bed linens from F&B Specialty Linen, as well as their Alina silk and cashmere throw.


Bamboo is a self-sustaining plant that grows quickly and produces an incredibly soft fiber despite its tough beginnings. In recent years, the technology to make bamboo fibers readily available has lent it to use in home fashions. This is a great choice in home product since it’s naturally strong, retains shape, and inhibits bacterial growth.

We love the bamboo cotton tea towel from Bella Cuisine and the bamboo placemats from Bed & Bath Outlet.

No matter which natural fiber you choose for your home, decorating with earth-friendly products can not only be beautiful, but the responsible thing to do. Natural fibers as a whole require less energy to manufacture, produce less pollution, and have a smaller environmental impact. Browse the stores at PointShop Mall for everything you need in eco-friendly home fashions.

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2014