Create Lawn-Envy with the Perfect Yard

The weather is warming, and your need to get out in the great outdoors has been building all winter. But, before you can truly enjoy your lawn, you need to get a little dirty with the prep work. Giving your lawn a great start is the best way to ensure a relaxing time enjoying it later in the season.

While there are things you can do to get your yard looking its best, you have to remember that creating a picture-perfect lawn is a year-round process, not just a one-time event. Still, there’s no better time than the present to start working on the lawn of your dreams. Follow the steps below for a lawn that is truly enviable.

Testing, Testing

You wouldn’t cook a gourmet meal without a recipe, so why try to grow a perfect lawn without knowing the necessary ingredients? Purchase a soil kit from your local outdoor store, take a sample of your soil as directed, and send it to the lab. This invaluable tool will not only tell you if your pH level is right, but also what minerals are missing from your soil. Knowing this will allow you to add what’s missing so that you can create a prime growing environment.

Get Some Air

Aerating your lawn is the first step toward your lush green. This breaks up compacted soil that might have become dense during the winter months. It also allows for better water penetration.


Your next step to a beautiful lawn is seeding it, of course. Grass can’t grow where none is planted. But, rather than a sparse sprinkling, you really want to overseed the entire yard, especially in areas that are bare or thinning.

Feed It

Help your newly planted seed, and whatever is springing up from years before, by nourishing your lawn with a starter fertilizer. But, don’t go overboard. Giving your lawn too much of what it needs will make it dependent on you instead of self-sufficient as it needs to be in order to survive.

Protect it

Next, is the perfect time to put pre-emergents out to help prevent weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions. Taking this extra step will keep you from headaches a few months from now when these pests tend to take over.

Cutting Edge

Let your initial planting grow to at least four inches before you start your mowing season. From then on, remember not to scalp your lawn. Cutting it too short can keep it from flourishing. Your mower should be set to cut no less than three-and-a-half inches high, and using sharpened blades so the grass is not damaged.

Water Flow

Being consistent in your watering as your grass grows in imperative to a successful lawn season. A good rule of thumb is one inch per week—including rain and/or sprinklers. If you have a period of excessive heat, increase this amount.

Lawn maintenance isn’t rocket science, though it can feel like it when it’s not working to your advantage. Take the initiative to get an effective start with our step-by-step instructions, then kick off your shoes and enjoy the green.

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Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2014