What Clothes Your Kids Need This Spring

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and your children are…well, growing. If you’ve managed to make it through the winter without having to restock their wardrobe, consider yourself lucky. If you’re hoping for warmer weather to hurry because your kids look like they’re preparing for flood season, you’re not alone.

But, take heart! It’s a new season, and with it, new opportunities and deals to keep your kids looking their best.

Restocking Their Wardrobe
The great thing about warmer season shopping is you can typically get more bang for your buying buck. Shorts and tees tend to be less expensive than long pants and sweaters, so you can either spend less, or use the same amount of money to buy more.

How much of any one clothing item your child needs depends on two things: your preference, and your frequency of washing. You’ll want to stock them with the basics, while allowing a little room for messes throughout the week.

Let’s say your child wears T-shirts and shorts on most warm days, and that you wash clothes once a week. Allowing for occasional messes, your child would need ten T-shirts, and ten pairs of shorts to make it through a typical week. Have the time to wash twice a week? You can cut your purchases down to six T-shirts and six pairs of shorts.

Spring Wardrobe Purchase Needs

If you wash clothes once per week:
  • T-shirts or short-sleeve shirts--10
  • Shorts or skirts--10
  • Shoes--2 pair
  • Warm weather jacket--2
  • Pajamas--8 sets
  • Underwear--10
  • Socks--12 pair

If you wash clothes twice per week:
  • T-shirts or short-sleeve shirts--6
  • Shorts or skirts--6
  • Shoes--2 pair
  • Warm weather jacket--1
  • Pajamas--5 sets
  • Underwear--6
  • Socks--8 pair

While this plan works for most kids, only you know how much your little mess maker really goes through in a week. If you don’t know it off the top of your head, take notes for a week so you know what you’re dealing with. Then hit the stores with confidence and stock up!

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