Security Tips

SSL Technology

The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over the Internet using encryption enabled by a server’s SSL Certificate. When you checkout and the servers utilize SSL, the data is encrypted on your computer and can only be unencrypted by our servers, not 3rd party hackers. Point&Shop utilizes Verisign for SSL encryption, the encryption leader. 47 of the top 50 e-commerce websites utilize Verisign.

To ensure that the SSL encryption is functioning properly and that hackers cannot gain access to the Point&Shop secure servers, two security auditing services constantly monitor our servers: Hacker Safe and Square Trade. ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE certification is the only security scanning technology recognized to meet both the U.S. government's benchmark FBI/SANS security test and the security standards of all major credit card companies - including Visa™ CISP and AIS, MasterCard™ SDP, American Express™ CID, and Discover Card™ DISC security audits. For additional security, Point&Shop is also scanned by Square Trade for security compliance.

Safe Shopping with

Making a credit card purchase at PointShop™ is more secure than using your credit card at the local store or restaurant!

Shopping and making credit card purchases at PointShop™ stores is safe and secure because:

  • To ensure safety and confidentiality, we utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the industry standard for transferring sensitive information over the Internet.
  • When you enter your credit card information online, it is translated into a secret computer code before it is sent. In this process, no person ever sees your credit card number, and there is no risk of interception. This system makes purchasing on the Web even safer than shopping in stores, where several people have access to hard copies of your actual card number.
  • Whenever we ask you to send confidential information over the Internet, including personal account data, we require that a "secure session" using SSL first be established.

To notify PointShop™ of fraudulent use and for information on reporting a fraud claim to your credit card provider, email

Please have ready or include in your email:

  • Your email address you used to register at PointShop™.
  • Your credit card type used at purchase.