How to Shop

To place an order from this site, you will need to add product to your shopping cart and then proceed to check out.

Finding a Product

Locate the product you want by entering the name of the product in the search window or by clicking on a product category, you can work your way through the directory from the very general to the highly specific. Simply browse the categories, sub-categories, and sub-categories of sub-categories until you find what you are looking for.

Shop on the Marketplace or at a Merchant's Store

All products can be viewed and purchased in either of two environments: in the marketplace or at the sites of any of the participating stores.

When you click on any of the categories on the marketplace home page, you will automatically be taken to the 'marketplace environment'. But, by using the drop-down menu (located on the left side of all pages right below the search box), you can get a store listing, which you can use to link out from the mall to any of the store's sites.

Whichever shopping method you choose is simply a question of preference.

Adding a Product to Your Shopping Cart

After you have found an item that you wish to buy, just click on the order button and the product will be added to your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping, just click on the Check Out button (which is located on the shopping cart page).

Remember that adding products to your shopping cart does not constitute a commitment for you to buy the products. Products can easily be removed from your cart before checking out.

Removing a Product From Your Shopping Cart

If you decide you do not want to purchase something you've selected, it's easy to remove it from your shopping cart. Simply click on the "Remove" check box next to the item so a check mark appears and click on the Remove button.

To empty your shopping cart completely, click on the Empty Cart button.

Helpful Online Shopping Tips

Before you buy, review a merchant's store policies. Simply click on the "Store Policies and Shipping Rates" link next to any product.

Review the merchant's shipping options and rates. Many will offer overnight or express delivery if you're in a hurry. Or if you have some time, you can save money by selecting another delivery option.

If you're sending a gift, check to see if the store offers gift wrapping and/or gift cards.

You will receive a confirmation of your purchase via e-mail. Be sure to keep your confirmation as a receipt until your order has arrived.

Real-time tracking of shipped orders is available through the merchant's store home page. Simply click on the Order Status button and enter your order number and shipping zip code.

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