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Show More Love This Valentine’s Day

My New Year’s resolution was to show more love this year. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about gifts, but be thankful for anything you might receive from your special someone.

A Reflection on This Holiday Season

As the holiday seasons winds down, it’s time to reflect on what the last few months have meant to us, and to prepare for Winter weather. Are you ready for the snow?

It’s the Family Time of Year

The “Holiday Season” is about more than just Christmas. There’s a real value in having special times with our family and friends, and making the most of this season through the people we share it with.

Shop Small Saturday This Week to Support Local Businesses

Honestly, when I think about shopping small on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I think of going to the small businesses that are local. But that’s too narrow. It completely overlooks the great small businesses that have an online presence. Support them this week by Shopping Small.

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