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Organization help to the rescue! Calling the Spring Cleaning Fairies.

I’ve been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug, and have started my organization and clean-up to organize house. The old Book Fairy Halloween costume I’m throwing away makes me wish for some Spring Cleaning Fairies to come help me. Maybe some of these ideas with help with your own Spring Cleaning task.

A Little Buzz About Bees

Beekeeping has becomes a lifestyle for me. With the many benefits of honey both in health and beauty, I’m continually amazed by these treasured friends. I’ve learned to love the honey bee, despite my scary childhood memories with them.

Take a Ski Vacation Before the Season Ends

Whether you’re an avid skier or just like to look good on the slopes, there’s still time to get a final ski trip in before the slopes close. From ski fashions to stylish travel gear, PointShop has you covered.

My Vision of the Perfect Snow Day

I have a vision in my head of the perfect snow day, snuggled by the fire with my family and pets. I know I’m delusional about Winter, but it’s fun to imagine a snow emergency rather than a zombie apocalypse! Come visit my world.

In Honor of President’s Day

While many of us await Presidents Day sales in the stores, remember that Presidents Day is really in honor of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all their Presidential successors. While you’re gathering for parties, festivals or classic battle reenactments (or maybe just working that day), I hope you’ll take a moment to think about how our Presidents have inspired you, and the sacrifices that each of our Presidents have made for us.

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