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Celebrate National Library Week with a Good Read

Libraries are wonderful, meaningful places. In our fast-paced world, many think they’re a thing of the past, but Libraries really can transform lives. Celebrate this week by visiting your local library and reading a great book.

Loving Everything about Food

Did you know that March was National Food Month? I am a huge foodie, so I can’t believe I missed out! Check out all we missed.

Easter Reflections

We celebrate Easter with foods and activities that don’t really relate to the true meaning of Easter. Remembering that Easter is actually a season and not just a specific Sunday, I hope you got your fill this year. The holiday reminds me of wonderful times with my grandmother.

Organization help to the rescue! Calling the Spring Cleaning Fairies.

I’ve been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug, and have started my organization and clean-up to organize house. The old Book Fairy Halloween costume I’m throwing away makes me wish for some Spring Cleaning Fairies to come help me. Maybe some of these ideas with help with your own Spring Cleaning task.

A Little Buzz About Bees

Beekeeping has becomes a lifestyle for me. With the many benefits of honey both in health and beauty, I’m continually amazed by these treasured friends. I’ve learned to love the honey bee, despite my scary childhood memories with them.

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