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In Honor of President’s Day

While many of us await Presidents Day sales in the stores, remember that Presidents Day is really in honor of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all their Presidential successors. While you’re gathering for parties, festivals or classic battle reenactments (or maybe just working that day), I hope you’ll take a moment to think about how our Presidents have inspired you, and the sacrifices that each of our Presidents have made for us.

Snowmageddon's 2016 Must-Have Be Prepared List

The worst part of winter storm Jonas was the power outage – which also means no heat for me. Be prepared for the next big one with my must haves to make it through more comfortably.

Show More Love This Valentine’s Day

My New Year’s resolution was to show more love this year. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about gifts, but be thankful for anything you might receive from your special someone.

A Reflection on This Holiday Season

As the holiday seasons winds down, it’s time to reflect on what the last few months have meant to us, and to prepare for Winter weather. Are you ready for the snow?

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