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Car Seat Safety

Today’s busy parents spend a significant amount of time in the car with their children. From trips to the store, to daycare or play dates, we stay on the road much more than previous generations of parents. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that even a short trip a few blocks away can become dangerous if your child is not properly restrained in the car. Follow our helpful tips on how to keep your child safe!

Camping Fun for Everyone

Fall is a great time to get outside with family and friends. And, what better way to build memories than a camping trip? Whether it’s your first outing, or you’re a lifelong tent-pitcher, a little planning can help the whole crowd find fun things they enjoy. Discover our favorite fun things to do.

Tailgating 101

It’s back to school time. What better season to get schooled in the basics of tailgating? While it may seem easy, pulling together a great tailgating event takes some serious effort. Start your season off right with a little planning help from the merchants at Point Shop Mall!

What to Stock up on During Back-to-School Shopping Season

Hey Mom! It’s baaack. The school year, that is. And we all know what that means: shopping! This year, stay ahead of the game by stocking up on the items you’ll need most, so you won’t have to search mid-year for things that become impossible to find, or that jump up in price after the sales end. Here’s the lowdown on what to stock up on now:

Top 10 Dorm Room Must Haves

It’s the moment you’ve been planning for a lifetime: your first year away at college. While you may be ready to leave the nest and start living on your own, make sure you step out prepared. Sure, you’re a grown up now, but let’s face it, you’ve yet to really take on full responsibility for every aspect of your life. Stay on top of your new adventure with these top 10 things you’ll need in your new dorm room.

Create a Memorable Outdoor Party!

Summer is the most social time of year. And why not? After months of avoiding the cold, it’s the perfect time to invite friends and family over, enjoy the great weather, and reconnect. Paying attention to a few key party elements can make the difference between a quick stop by and a party that goes long into the summer evening. Create a memorable event with these tips.

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